- Future Rewards

Future Rewards

For your Resume, your Future, and your Career:

Being a teacher or college student, you already possess numerous skills. If you are offered a position with Sierra Adventure Camps, you can expect to learn new skills and to greatly increase your “people” skills, such as:

Leadership: Leading groups and individuals alike to a common goal.

Motivational Skills: Learning and practicing techniques to motivate people positively.

Teamwork: Working with others as a team to accomplish a goal.

Problem Solving: Creating solutions regarding such things as time management and handling the diverse needs & desires of children.

Conflict Resolution: Learning how to work out win-win situations from conflicts that arise between people.

These are skills which are sought by all companies, large and small, for their leadership positions, and they are equally important to you in any career path you may choose.

On the Resume:

You may receive a letter from SAC upon completion of your employment with us will act as an invaluable tool for your resume. The letter will display to perspective employers the skills mentioned above and act as evidence of your work experiences. It may be used as a Letter of Recomendation for future employment needs.

In the Interview:

The camp experience offers many interesting stories through which one can illustrate the abilities developed while on staff. The communication skills used, the leadership taken, the teamwork developed, the problems handled, the conflicts overcome, the responsibilities met, the new ideas implemented and the organizational skills learned. Entering an interview so well equipped should lead to opportunities for a strong career start.


Sierra Sleep-Away:

August 6 – August 17

August 6 - August 11