- Water Sports Day Camp

Water Sports Day Camp 

In our water sports day camp, we are dedicated to encouraging campers to learn a variety of watersports skills, while they experience great fun and feelings of accomplishment. With proper boating and aquatic safety skills, they can enjoy these activities safely all their lives.

While we encourage campers to enjoy new activities, alternate activites are always available. Certificates and medals are awarded as campers gain skills and knowledge in the activities we teach. Our program is limited to only 70 campers per day. This limit is big enough for fun and excitement, yet allows us to be very attentive and to take very good care of the campers entrusted to us.

There are no sessions! Campers may choose any weeks desired (5-day minimum) and choose a minimum of three days per week.

“ Sierra Adventure Camps offered so many different and fun water experiences.”
- Alex & Haley M.,
Los Angeles

Sierra Sleep-Away:

August 6 – August 17

August 6 - August 11